Zerf Productions, founded in 1988 and registered in Quebec and Canada, is a non-profit charitable organization involved in the creative arts and humanitarian missions. It's mandate includes serving the needy community at home and abroad. Zerf is unique in that it is a vehicle whereby artists are able to pool their resources to produce and promote their works.

Our humanitarian missions include delivering medicine, medical equipment, food, clothing and educational materials directly to the people in need, in Canada and elsewhere.

The organization does not limit its scope to any one ideology, gender, or ethnic group. We will develop projects linking Canada to other countries according to common historical, social-economic, health, and cultural interest. 

To know more about the global impact of HIV and AIDS, you may read a small article by Martha Cox, MSc

South Africa, Worcester-Children of Kibbutz. Orphans welcome Wilhelmina Fredericks from Zer Productions, Canada,  by singing the South African national anthem, Nkosi sikelel' Afrika.