A Few Medals...
Diamond Jubilee Medal From the Queen of England


1) Medal of Hope from South Africa center Worcester/ New Hope Center (mute and hearing impaired children)

2) Peace Medal given by the YMCA in Montreal

3) Sports Medal from Montreal

4) Golden Jubilee Medal given by Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II

5) Galery-Sas-sas from Montreal

6) Diamond Jubilee given by Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II






Diamond Jubilee presented by Hon. Marc Garneau, minister of transport Canada.

Mother and child leaving home

Tribute given by Burkina Faso
Tributesto from South Africa

Montreal Sas galery tribute

Award from th Montreal West-End Operatic Society given to Wilhelmina Fredericks in July 2016.

YMCA Peace medal

Golden Jubilee medal given by th Royal Common welth society of Montreal.

Diamond Jubilee medal

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