Previous Climbs of Kilimanjaro

Australians Scalling Mount Kilimanjaro in 2014
Zerf Challenge 2020 founder climbs in 2011!

They have done it!! Scaling for HIV and Aids: Zerf's Founder Wilhelmina Fredericks and her daughter Nadia van Leeuwen earned their certificates for scaling the Kilimanjaro! 

Australians and British scale Kilimanjaro in 2006

This is the first Australian team with Ingrid Pullen who scaled Kilimanjaro to fundraise for the orphans in Kilimanjaro. Ingrid Reached the summit and did a wheelcart the celebrate.

The most important people of Kilimanjaro,Zerf Challenge 2020 Guides and Porters

Mission Accomplished November 10th 2007

The Zerfchallenge 2020 team started their mission with a blessing at St Ansgars Lutheran church by the Reverend Samuel King Kabu on September 16th 2007.

Wendy Kunin, Jane Jordan and Wilhelmina Fredericks set out on our mission to scale Mount Kilimanjaro, venture on a walking safari and deliver a rapid testing kit for HIV and Aids to 500 children, in the clinics, orphanage and a school in Moshi, Kilimanjaro. The medicine delivered to St Joseph Hospital clinic was provided by local drug stores: Uniprix (Monkland), Pharmaprix (Sherbrooke Street West) and Health Partners international of Canada. The educational supplies delivered were provided by students of a Westmount school and the soccer balls by the Kenya Association of Quebec 

The children of Kilimanjaro and Zerf says thank "Merci" / "Asanta Sanata" to the Montrealers whom participated in our journey by contributions. You are the true heros of the children of Kilimanjaro. We returned home safely after we accomplished an exhilarant, exciting and satisfying mission to Africa.

Scaling Mount Kilimanjaro and Safari 

Wendy Kunin and her guide successfully reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro October 2nd at 6:45 am. It had been quite a challenge!!  Afterwards, the three of them ventured on a Safari, escorted by Kneena, Ndesamburo, a family member of the owner of the Keys Hotel. The Safari to Ongorogoro National Park and others was an amazing, educational and breath-takingly beautiful experience. To be on the brim of a 800,000 year volcano and drop 3,750 feet to the crater, was a challenge and to see all different kind of animals drink out of one water hole, was an amazing site. The only villain was the Lion waiting for his lunch.

Sponsored by Kenya Airlines ,we left on September 22nd by Air Canada to Paris. God provided us with an angel to organize us at the airport Dr. Njuki Muriethi, president of Kenyan Association of Quebec. He paid to have our packages wrapped and to take the extra luggage. Kenya Airlines in Paris was sensitive to our journey, they treated us with respect, warmth and courtesy. We arrived in Kilimanjaro International Airport two days later September 24th, where we were warmly welcomed by the Keys hotel family and by Dr. Urbani Lyimo (head doctor) and sister Frieda Kessy ( Matron )of St. Joseph hospital, Moshi Kilimanjaro.


Congratulations To the 2004 Team!

11 of 13 climbers reached Stella Point on the crater rim, and 5 pressed on to Uhuru Peak, the highest point of the crater. 

Our Founder Also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro!
Congradulations Wilhelmina!!!
Take a look at her certificate!!