The Northern Safari Circuit:

The Northern Safari Circuit is the most popular with visitors in search of wild life. On this safari you will see some of the most famous National Parks land marks in the world - the Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Oldduvai Gorge and Tarangire. As well you will find the wide range of animals to be seen on our game drives; there are over four hundred varieties of birds to be found in this part of Africa.

On this safari you will be a camping in a tent or in a hut. This will give you a sense of how the early explorers lived sleeping under the African skies or in the jungle .A six-day safari to the Serengeti, can also be arranged by the Keys Hotel.

After the climb, a separate 3-day safari is possible through some of the wildlife reserves. These include Tarangiri, Ngorongoro Crater, and Lake Manyara reserves. These reserves offer some of the best wildlife viewing in Tanzania as well as spectacular scenery.

South-African Safari, Kruger National Park

Cultural Tours

Visit the traditional Chagga village on the slopes of Kilimanjaro and meet the people who live there or drive where the Masai still follow their cultural heritage.

Zerf Challenge, game and sports programs are managed and supported by volunteers, so as to ensure 100% of donations and sponsorship are used for the intended purpose. Corporate and individual sponsorship, the third climb, is presently managed by Wilhelmina Fredericks, (Director General for Zerf Productions), Eric van Dal, Team (Senior Consultant) Howard Kay, (Captain) Ralph Harris (Trainer) and Michaela Sefler, Roger Kenner (Website). Cultural communities, churches, professionals, business, corporations, and educational institutions and individuals support us. You can be part of our team with your expertise and services.

What you get by climbing with Zerf. Zerf has negotiated rates for airfare and outfitters that are much lower than what you could find individually. Zerf's partners are committed to the same cause we are and make sure the money we raise goes as far as we can stretch it. Zerf deals directly with the local businesses, assuring the best rates and the money will help the local economy.

Scaling and Safari with the Zerf team has certain benefits over other commercial packages. In Zerf Challenge 2020, we are climbing to raise awareness and funds for the children infected and affected with HIV and AIDS. All your expenses are tax deductible. Zerf Productions will issue you a tax receipt for the full amount of your trip costs.

Kenya, Masai tribe

Zulu Kids dancing in South-Africa